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5/31/2011 12:16:35 PM

Content will begin to be loaded onto the website starting tomorrow.  This content will be a mixture of revision materials, informative lessons, exciting experiments and interesting topics from current scientists.

Follow us on facebook at ChemSchoolTV or on twitter @ChemSchoolTV for latest updates.

Our Mission
5/30/2011 10:49:29 AM

ChemSchool's mission is to promote inspirational chemistry across the world.

Follow us on twitter @ChemSchoolTV or find some of our resources on the TES website at

5/30/2011 10:46:55 AM

ChemSchool is launching on 1st June 2011 and has an aim to become the world's leading chemistry website.  

The new ChemSchool will be very useful for both students and teachers of chemistry at all levels.  Be ready to become inspired and passionate about all things chemistry.....

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